Avonisys at a glance

  • Sales of waterjet guided laser technology solutions
  • Fully integrated machine tools through dedicated CNC partners
  • Founded in 2013
  • Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland
  • For vulcanisation molds
  • For turbine components
  • For precision sheets
  • For laser stamping
  • Avonisys technology optimised for heavy-duty applications
  • Simple & cost-effective maintenance
  • Focus on waterjet guided laser technology
  • Portfolio of 20+ patents and patents pending
  • Dedicated solutions for the tire and turbine industry
  • Know-how and solutions for cleaning pre- and post-processes

At Avonisys we believe in making complex manufacturing processes simple and accessible. While designing our products, we pay particular attention to intuitive and simple usability, as well as fast and cost effective maintenance procedures.

For our proprietary waterjet guided laser micro milling technology, we have developed a completely new solution from scratch based on a more than 30 year old principle. We have put a lot of effort in making it particularly robust and easy to maintain in order to adapt it to todays industrial performance requirements. 

Thru our own fundamental developments as well as IP acquisitions, we meanwhile hold a comprehensive IP portfolio of more than 20 patents and patents pending for our technology in key regions worldwide, such as the United States, Europe, Korea and China.

Our technology is available as fully integrated laser machine tool solutions thru cooperation with leading CNC machine tool makers. Alternatively we provide laser cutting packages as well as laser head components.

Having engineering in our DNA, we put attention on delivering complete production and maintenance solutions for parts that are manufactured using our technology. To achieve this, we for example develop solutions for complex part treatment and cleaning together with partner companies.