Avonisys’ Laser Micro Milling is a robust and enabling technology that allows manufacturing of ultra-thin slots as well as micro holes and micro perforations in complex work pieces. The laser “tool diameter” typically ranges from 30 microns up to 80 microns and contrary to mechanical milling there is no tool breakage risk for the work piece.

Our Laser Solution enables:

✔︎    Hair-Thin Micro-Cuts of several mm deep

✔︎    Narrow Blind Pockets that can’t be made by milling or EDM

✔︎    Micro Holes in low-conductive alloys

✔︎    Freeform Micro-Protrusions

✔︎    Cutting of hard Metals without Heat Impact

✔︎    Part Singulation without Starting Hole

Application Examples:

    Micro Cooling Holes

    Air Removal Protrusions

    Dispersion and Aerosol Nozzles

    Filtration and Spraying Nozzles

    Gasket Insertion Pockets

    Fuel Injection Systems

Laser machining examples of:     Hi-Aspect Kerfs Precision Freeform Cuts Blind Slots  

Blind Pockets Micro Holes Micro Thru Cuts