With each new turbine generation, the turbine components are improved in order to boost the overall efficiency of the engine.  Parts are exposed to very high temperatures and have to be protected accordingly by the right selection of material as well as cooling strategy. Additionally parts undergo weight reduction measures in order to increase overall fuel efficiency. Ensuring part integrity at high temperatures and at reduced weight results in adoption of new materials and alloys, which pose new machining challenges:

Avonisys Technology enables Turbine Makers to:

✔︎    Apply cooling holes in ceramic coated turbine blades

✔︎    Apply cooling holes in super alloys

✔︎    Apply air seal slots in Al-enriched Inconel

✔︎    Simplify the machining process to a 1-step process

Application Examples:

    Turbine Vane Seal Slots

    Turbine Blade Cooling Holes

Laser machining examples of:     Turbine Vane Element Air Seal Slot  

Micro Cooling Holes Turbine Blade

Laser micro-drilling of 5mm thick Nickel alloy

Drilling micro holes (down to 0,3mm) in hard Nickel-alloys (e.g. Inconel) is possible efficiently using the Avonisys waterjet guided laser process and modern high performance IR fiber lasers.