18 mm  aluminum cutting

An Avonisys waterjet guided laser system seen in action while machining a 24mm aluminum cube. Cutting through the complete 24mm depth can be achieved while applying modern IR fiber laser technology.


Laser job shop micro cutting made easy


Conventional precise laser micro cutting of different materials, material thicknesses as well as surface topographies can be a challenge. Different focal lengths and cutting strategies as well as post-processing and de-burring can be required.


The Avonisys waterjet guided laser system can simplify the precise laser micro cutting of different materials, material thicknesses and surface topographies. As the laser energy is contained inside the constant diameter of a long yet narrow waterjet different materials of different thicknesses can be handled without changing the cutting configuration. Whether rapidly cutting 0,05mm thin stainless steel sheets in a single pass - or cutting 10mm thick silicon or aluminum in multiple passes - the Avonisys waterjet laser system does so with the exact same laser source, the exact same laser head and the exact same cutting configuration. The only variable it the amount of scan passes and the selected laser parameter based on work piece material.

A small selection of work pieces (as-cut results) made with with exact same system configuration is shown below:

Micro gaps in Aluminum

High-aspect micro cutting in 18mm Aluminum

Cutting of 12mm dark ceramic

0,5mm holes in 0,1mm stainless steel sheet

Cutting of 0,1mm stainless steel (1.4301)

0,8mm holes in 5mm Nickel alloy

Singulation and coring of 6mm thick silicon parts

Singulation and coring of 10mm thick silicon parts

Matrix of 0.5mm holes in 6mm Silicon

Hole drilling in 1,5mm Silicon

0,2 / 0,3 / 1,0mm holes in 1,5mm Silicon

Cutting of 0,5 - 3,0mm Silicon Carbide

Cutting of 0,1mm thin 1.4301 stainless steel sheet

0,2mm stainless steel sheet cutting

1,0mm holes in 1,0mm stainless steel

0,5mm brass / 0,05mm & 1,0mm 1.4301 / 0,2mm poly-Si  / 0,2mm mono-Si / 0,1mm Nickel / 0,8mm & 3,0mm Aluminum

Benefits of the waterjet guided laser

The energy of the laser focus is coupled into a thin liquid-jet, where it is guided to the work piece by total internal reflection. The energetic diameter of the laser beam remains constant over a large working distance of up to several centimetres. Typical tool diameters of the liquid-jet are 0.03 - 0.08 mm.

Using this “infinite” focus laser beam, thin materials can be cut in a single pass, while thicker materials can be precisely cut (or drilled) using a multi-pass cutting strategy. All while maintaining the same narrow, parallel and burr-free cutting kerf.

Examples of thin and thick micro cutting with the exact same system configuration