Management Team

Jens Gäbelein, CTO

Jens is our so-called “head inside the machine”. His strength is making complex technical matters handleable in a simple and understandable manner. Jens holds a degree in production engineering from the university of Dresden, Germany and has broad and longterm experience in both industrial production as well as engineering environments.

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Jeroen Hribar, CSO

Jeroen is our creative mind and customer liaison. His strength is being an allrounder that connects engineering, customer relations and a sense for fine details. Jeroen holds a degree in applied physics from the university of professional education in Heerlen, the Netherlands and has a strong background in international product & market management.

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Dr. Stephan Mohren, Chairman of the Board

Stephan puts the dots on the “i“ when it comes to financials and IP. His strength is planning and strategic foresight. Stephan holds a degree from the university of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland as well as a PhD in business administration from the university of Saarbrücken, Germany and has profound experience as senior executive in corporate environments.

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