04/11/2019  -  Laser job shop micro cutting made easy

Whether rapidly cutting 0,05mm thin stainless steel sheets in a single pass - or cutting 10mm thick silicon or aluminum in multiple passes - the Avonisys waterjet laser system does so with the exact same laser source, the exact same laser head and the exact same cutting configuration.      >> Read more

18/09/2019  -  Article in September/October issue of Industrial Laser Solutions

We are excited and proud that the outcome of our work found publication in the this month’s edition of Industrial Laser Solution magazine. The article is based on the more comprehensive paper that we published in May 2019     >> Read the ILS article online

13/05/2019  -  Pushing the envelope of liquid-jet guided laser machining applying modern IR fiber lasers

For many years the paradigm has been that due to absorption effects, liquid-jet guided laser technology and Infrared lasers don’t pair well when it comes to deep cutting or deep micro hole drilling. In a quest to utilize the high performance and low maintenance characteristics of modern Infrared fiber lasers, a liquid-jet guided laser system was developed that changes this paradigm. Comprehensive research showed that adequate liquid-jet coupling techniques for the Infrared fiber laser are far more important than possible absorption effects and as “proof of the pudding” it was demonstrated that for example a 24mm thick aluminum material can be cut with an Infrared liquid-jet guided laser while maintaining a narrow 0.05mm cutting kerf.       >> Read more