Material:     Silicon

    Processing:     very advantageous with increasing thickness

    Typical processing thickness range:     0.1 - 10 mm

Processing Examples:

    Semiconductor wafer cutting / dicing

    Silicon power IC cutting

    Silicon wafer coring

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Various 10mm thick Silicon parts, all cut out of each other. The cutting gap between the parts is 0.05mm and all parts fit together perfectly.

Freeform cutting through 10mm Silicon

Parts after cutting process

15 x 15mm cut out area, 10mm deep

15 x 15mm cut out with 11mm hole

11mm cylinder with 0.5mm wall

10mm cylinder with 2.5mm wall

10mm cylinder side view

5mm cylinder

Laser cutting of 10mm thick Silicon

In this video we demonstrate efficient freeform laser cutting of thick silicon using the Avonisys waterjet guided laser process and modern high performance IR fiber lasers.