For our proprietary waterjet guided laser micro milling technology, we have developed a completely new solution from scratch based on a more than 30 year old principle. We have put a lot of effort in making it particularly robust and easy to maintain in order to adapt it to todays industrial performance requirements.

Avonisys Laser Micro Milling technology

Technology Principle

Avonisys Laser Micro Milling technology is based on the principle of the liquid-jet guided laser. The energy of the laser focus is coupled into a thin liquid-jet, where it is guided to the work piece by total internal reflection. The energetic diameter of the laser beam remains constant over a large working distance of up to several centimetres. Typical tool diameters of the liquid-jet are 0.03 - 0.08 mm.

    Self-extending micro laser beam

    0.03 - 0.08 mm tool diameter

Patented High Power In-Coupling

The Avonisys laser head optics as well as the liquid-jet coupling system are designed in a way that enables a particularly high energy transmission of the laser beam, yet without impacting the cutting nozzle or the laser transmission window. The proprietary  laser in-coupling method ensures that for each cutting nozzle diameter and each laser setup the exactly right coupling point can be set.

    High power transmission

    Long consumable lifetime

Patented Air-Jet Technology

Avonisys incorporates a proprietary Air-Jet technology into its laser cutting heads. Air-Jet essentially is a high volume flow of air that is mechanically separated from the liquid-jet. Through usage of Air-Jet, deep work piece cavities can be machined highly effective. Furthermore the Air-Jet mitigates the effect of liquid back-reflections as well as build up of droplets, which can impact cutting results. 

    Effective liquid-jet protection

    Enables machining inside cavities

Patented WD Range Extender

For certain applications, Avonisys offers a special version of its laser coupling system that incorporates a working distance range extender. Using the WD Range Extender, the liquid-jet is mechanically encapsulated and protected over a prolonged distance.  This way, complex parts that require a particularly long standoff distance can be machined highly effective.

    Enables long standoff distances

    Increased protection of liquid-jet

Simple Maintenance

In an effort to make maintenance easy and cost-effective, we have designed our laser systems in such way that quick access to all critical components is guaranteed. We have incorporated quick releases to core parts such as the laser coupling system, the cutting nozzle and laser transmission window. Parts are rapidly exchanged and the system can be brought back online in a matter of minutes.

    Quick maintenance

    System back online in minutes

Comprehensive IP & Know-how

Through our own fundamental developments as well as thru IP acquisitions, Avonisys AG meanwhile hold a comprehensive IP portfolio of more than 20 patents and patents pending for its technology in key regions worldwide, such as the United States, Europe, Korea and China. Therefore Avonisys can offer a very comprehensive, independent and high-end technological solution.

    Comprehensive IP portfolio

    Independent Avonisys solution

Benefits of Avonisys Laser Micro Milling technology

✔︎    Laser focus position uncritical

✔︎    Very long working distance

✔︎    High aspect micro slots / holes

✔︎    Parallel cutting side walls

✔︎    Enabling steep angular cuts

✔︎    Enabling inclined holes and slots

✔︎    Works inside small cavities

✔︎    Works inside recesses

✔︎    Freeform cutting

✔︎    Variable cutting pocket width

✔︎    No conventional tooling cost

✔︎    No post-processing required

How Laser Micro Milling technology is applied

  • 1. Laser energy is guided to the work piece inside a hair-thin cylindrical liquid-jet
  • 2. Multiple passes of the laser (similar to mechanical milling) create parallel slots of as narrow as 0.04mm and up to for example 5-7mm deep
  • 3. Avonisys Laser Micro Milling technology allows highly effective processing of complex 3-dimensional work pieces 
  • 4. Machining the work piece in multiple axis simultaneously allows to create arbitrary slot or hole geometries

Benchmark of Avonisys Laser Micro Milling to other Cutting Technologies

EDM / Wire EDM

   Heat impact to work piece material

        = change of material properties

   Only suitable for conductive work 

        piece materials

   Not suitable for (blind) slots as     

        narrow as the Avonisys process 

         (<0.08mm width)

Waterjet Cutting

   High water pressure can cause 

        chipping and burr

   Cutting kerf is 5-10x wider than 

        Avonisys process

   Typically high consumption of 

        cutting nozzles due to abrasive

        cutting additives

Laser Cutting

   Beam waist defines achievable  

        cutting kerf

   Heat impact to work piece material

        = change of material properties

   Typically causes burr on back side

        >> de-burring required

   precise focus distance required

   Process gas and cutting debris can

        cause re-contamination

   Can deform thermally sensitive


Avonisys Laser Process

✔︎   No HAZ or burr  >>  no de-burring

✔︎   Ultra narrow kerf, taper < 0.01mm

✔︎   Broader process window than 

       dry laser (even ultra-short)

✔︎   Can cut  non-conductive materials

✔︎   No re-contamination of work piece

✔︎   No focus distance compensation 


✔︎   No deformation of thermally 

        sensitive materials