Tire molds are a good example of performance vulcanisation molds. They play a significant role when it comes to tire performance, tire appearance as well as mold maintenance economics. Mainstream developments in mold technology are driven by a desire to reduce maintenance cost while at the same time improving the aesthetic appearance and performance characteristic of the tire. As a result, tread mold designs are becoming increasingly complex and new manufacturing technologies are required:

Avonisys Technology enables Tire Makers to:

✔︎    Apply micro-slots of as narrow as 0.04mm to tire molds

✔︎    Strongly simplify puzzle mold complexity

✔︎    Create sipe insertion slots of 0.3mm width and narrower

✔︎    Eliminate tool breakage when machining Al or Steel

Application Examples:

    PCR & LTR Tire Molds

    Puzzle Mold Substitution

    Twin Shell Molds

    Micro Sipe Insertion Slots

Laser machining examples of:     Full Body Mold Segment 2-Piece Mold Micro Siping  

Puzzle Mold Substitution Retreading Mold Ventless Twin Shell ® Mold